Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Springtime roses.

I’m always browsing the interweb, looking for interesting things to make or unique ways to use vintage items. I drool over handmade creations and wonderful decorating ideas, grabbing photos for my inspiration file. Then I spend days pawing through my stash trying to decide what to do first and looking for things to use in similar ways. It’s sad to say, but my inspirations and my stash seem to border on hoarding, lol. 

Over the last month I’ve been trying to act on some of the items on my long list of “I can use this to…”. Mostly I’ve been focusing on fabric arts. Like these two beautiful fabric roses made from a combination of vintage linens and laces combined with newer linens and laces. Now if you hold me to it, the newer ones probably meet my personal definition of 20 years or older for vintage, too, but they’re the ones that I bought in the late 80s or early 90s when I was doing craft shows.

I was so excited when these two sold in my etsy shop, CottonridgeEmporium, both to the same customer! It was even more exciting since there were only 3 items in the shop. Since then I’ve made two more and listed them in both my etsy shop and my artfire shop, SweetSouthernVintage

As beautiful as the first two were, “they” are right when they say “practice makes perfect”. Each seems to define itself with no two being exactly alike. And I’m having fun!


  1. So beautiful roses! Bravo!!!!)))))))))

  2. These are gorgeous! I especially like the first one, amazing!

    1. Thanks! Have a great day!

      Glenda (SweetSouthernVintage)